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AIC Image Center|品牌整體形象系統規劃

| 讓您的創作成為真正的藝術品 | 一個好的作品,在於能實體的呈現在眾人眼前。一直在藝術領域持續深根研究,AIC將「藝術微噴」帶入創作的一環。



A good work should be presented. Anche Studio, it has been continuously researching deeply in the field of art. Our AIC provide "Giclée Printing Fine Art Printing" in Taichung, Taiwan.

We understand that you expect the very best when it comes to working with your photographs and artwork. Choose of paper options, including fine art paper, rice paper and canvas, etc., Resulting in the creation of limited edition print arts.


Ann Chuang, Winnie Xu

Branding, Graphic


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